About Us

Wyoming Trial Lawyers

Our firm’s attorneys have decades of combined experience representing the people of Wyoming. We primarily focus our time in two areas of the law.

 Plaintiff’s Personal Injury

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First, we are committed to helping injured clients recover from insurance companies; governments, corporations, and their employees; or other people when they have been injured due to negligent, reckless, or intentional misconduct. We strongly believe in using the civil justice system to make people whole when they are wronged. We have successfully brought claims on behalf of our clients injured in a broad array of ways. Here are some examples of cases we have successfully handled:

  • Trucking company’s driver permanently injured our client by crashing into her on a Wyoming highway;
  • Motorist pulled out in front our client, who had the right-of-way, and caused a permanent brain injury;
  • Tire company failed to properly secure lug nuts on vehicle, causing tire to dismount at highway speeds and permanently injuring our client;
  • Detectives and investigators withheld exculpatory (i.e., helpful) evidence from our client and his attorneys, resulting in an unlawful conviction for murder and a life sentence, which were overturned;
  • Company employee knocked a propane bottle off the back of a company truck, which crushed our client’s toe and permanently altered his gait;
  • Adult construction company owner severely beat our client, a teenager, in a bout of road-rage;
  • Successfully represented the family of a man who was targeted and killed by an ex-husband in a rage;
  • Drunk driver veered into our client’s lane, causing a head-on collision and permanently injuring our client;
  • Car pulls in front of our client on a motorcycle, causing a permanent injury;
  • Motorist crashed into our client, who was stopped at a red light, causing neck and back injuries requiring surgery

Criminal Defense

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Second, our office has defended thousands of Wyoming citizens who the state and federal governments have accused of committing crimes. Our clients have been charged with crimes ranging from driving while under the influence, to larceny, to drug possession and conspiracy, to first-degree murder. If a prosecutor has charged it, it is highly likely that our office has defended it. The government has teams of lawyers and law enforcement agents employed to prosecute citizens and we believe that our clients should have counsel by their side with the experience and knowledge to defend them.